Waterski Spirit 2017

Collegiate Nationals was incredible. From skiing to spirit, epic camaraderie to insane rivalries; what we love about waterskiing was all present and accounted for. Big thanks to everyone at Bennett’s/Tri-Lakes in Zachary, Louisiana. We can’t think of a better venue for the NCWSA nationals and feel fortunate to be a part of it. We’re stoked to team up with Marcus Brown to bring you a Flowpoint episode covering the 2018 Nationals, so stay tuned and be on the lookout this winter. Until then, here is a short teaser with some of the action & spirit.

Most Waterski Spirit 2017 HO Skis

Waterski Spirit 2017

Waterski Spirit aka The Spirit Award is not something you’d understand if you’ve never been in speedos and facepaint in the freezing cold morning just to cheer on your 1st rotation women’s tricker. Its something you understand the value in when you ski great and get hoisted up on shoulders, or fall early and get big hugs and support all around. The loud chants and relentless creativity in spirit completely sets collegiate skiing apart from any else in the waterski world. It is in this team spirit that we both want to reward and nurture by becoming the first ever sponsor of the NCWSA Spirit Award. Our prizes are designed to increase the fun encourage participation for future collegiate skiers.

Teams really stepped it up for the 2017 HO Skis Spirit Award.  This year the NCWSA judges were so torn on the winner that they agreed to declare a top 3 in Spirit, which has never been done.

The prizes?

Spirit Award Winner: Iowa State Cyclones

Armed with striped overalls, costumes and a whole lot of stamina, the Iowa State Waterski team took home the HO Skis Spirit Award. Their relentless team spirit and enthusiasm was an integral and infectious part of the 2017 NCWSA Collegiate Nationals. Up and down the levee they ran, from start to finish. The Cyclone’s really brought the spirit this year!

Their Prizes: Two HO Team Ski Packages for furthered ski team development. Spirit Package: Men’s & Women’s Comp Vests(NCGA), Gloves, Shirts, HO/Syndicate Sticker Packs. 15′ Play PAD to amp up the fun at tournaments. 3×8′ HO Skis Waterski Spirit 2017 Banner to hang in the winning team’s ski or boat house.

2nd Place: Texas A&M Aggies

They had the chants to bring other team to their knees. The Aggies went full “Gig ‘Em!”, exciting crowds and showing their team pride with blown up headshots. It was awesome to see a D1 team give the Spirit Award a such a strong run, almost edging out ISU for the crown of Most Spirit 2017. It was truly a down-to-the wire hair splitting finish. Their Prizes: HO Skis Waterski Spirit 2017 Banner to hang in the winning team’s ski or boat house. 10′ Play PAD to amp up the fun at tournaments.






3rd Place: University of Miami Ohio Redhawks

Their team was huge and their themes were awesome. That eagle shriek from day 1 is still ringing in my ears, and our fanny packs were perfect for their day 2 theme. Big shoutout to Miami of Ohio on bringing the spirit and congratulations on your D2 win! You guys rocked it on and off the water! Their Prize: 10′ HO Play PAD to amp up the fun at tournaments.JMP_6950

Honorable Mention: Clemson

Their body paint and speedos were freekin awesome. Well done!



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