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HardShell Boot Demo Program

We'll ship the new Syndicate Hardshell Binding System directly to your door
to try at your lake for 2 weeks with no obligation!

How it works in 3 easy steps

Step 1 - Select

Select the eligible product you'd like to try, enter your deposit info and we'll ship it directly to your door.

Step 2 - Ski it

Ski it for 2 weeks as much as you want and let us know if you need help getting it dialed.

Step 3- Decide

If you love it, keep it! If it's not right for you, simply send it back and get a full refund. You'd just pay for shipping!

After you tested the product
you have three options

Option 1

Keep it

If you like the Syndicate Hardshell, Awesome! Keep it! Your credit card will be charged the remainder of the price($649 - $250 deposit - $25 shipping fee = $374) , bringing you to a final purchase price of $649 for the Syndicate Hardshell System. Your deposit and shipping fee will automatically be applied toward your purchase

Option 2


If you don't like it, give us a call and we'll assist you in getting the Hardshell dialed-in or we can send you a return shipping label so you can pack it up and send it back. Once we receive and inspect the complete Hardshell Boot/binding system, we will refund your $250 deposit. Your card will only be charged for the $25 shipping fee.

Choose Your Product


The Syndicate Hardshell Boot & Binding System is the latest step into the future of competition waterski gear. The top choice of tournament slalom skiers around the world for its reliable performance, this release mechanism employs an adjustable spring loaded heel unit that allows for tension release point modification in relation to skier weight and preference. Hardshell reliability is now paired with top of the line agility by employing a 3D printed outsole. This custom contoured footbed fits precisely with the boot shell. This enables full contact between boot and plate thereby stabilizing the connection by reducing lateral slippage and increasing agility. For maximum comfort and cushioning we've employed a heat-moldable liner, allowing for a personalized fit that contours to your foot shape for the best fit and feel in the industry. In addition we've added a Velcro ankle strap to keep your liners on your feet. The light weight yet reliable snow ski inspired boot buckles allow for personalized tightening. Use the buckle ladder to tighten or spin the buckle for a more customized fit. The Memory Buckle allows you to get a consistent tightness on the upper cuff every time you ski.

Factory Settings and Sizing



Q: What if I live outside the Continental US?

A: The Demo Program is for continental United States customers only. For international skiers, check out our shop locator to see about HO Skis/Syndicate Demo opportunities in your area!

Q: It's Thursday and I am headed to the lake for the weekend!

A: Express shipping is available for an additional charge. Contact HO Skis customer service for express shipping details here. Express shipping charges will not be refunded.

Q: How do I send a ski or boot back?

A: HO Sports will provide a return shipping label and packing instructions. Be sure to retain and not destroy packaging material as it will be needed for return shipping. All demo products shipped will require a signature for delivery. To return, just place included return shipping label over original shipping label and drop off to your nearest UPS location. When returning, make sure all parts are put back in the box. This includes ski, VDS tip weight, fin box, fin and wing for skis, and plate, binding component parts, shell and liner for Hardshell system. If returned, the product will be given a quality/damage inspection to check for any excessive damage. HO Sports reserves the right to withhold up to $250 from the refund of a returned product to cover damage due to negligence (base/fin damage due to running aground, impacts, etc.) If damage is found, our Customer Service department will contact you regarding your refund.

Q: What if I use a boot system that requires Interlock tape and want to use it on a demo ski?

A: We've created an Interlock Adapter Plate that can be sent with your Demo ski upon request.

Q: What if I find I need a different size ski or boot than what I've Demoed?

A: You can simply call Customer Service to communicate your desired size. If you're confident in the new size, you can purchase it outright. If you'd like to Demo another size for 2 more weeks, you can! It will be treated as a separate Demo order.

Q: Oops! I've damaged the demo product beyond reasonable wear and tear! What do I do?

A: Send it back as normal, and our inspectors will determine the best course of action to take. If a ski or boot is damaged beyond further use, the repair expense will be subtracted from your deposit.

Q: What if I want an alternate color ski, like the Women's VTR?

A: Call and tell us! We only send out Black Carbon skis to try, but if you'd like an alternate color new or demo ski, we may be able to accommodate you (depending on availability).

Q: Can I demo other HO products?

A: No, The Syndicate Demo Program includes the Syndicate VTX and VTR, Superlite CX and Superlite TX and Syndicate Hardshell only. Other HO Skis, boots, soft goods, etc. are not part of this program.

Q: What is the difference between a Demo Ski and a New Ski?

A: A Demo ski is a perfectly good ski with a cosmetic blemish/error. Although these blemishes in no way affect the performance of the ski, we separate them from the skis we sell in stores.

Q: Has the demo ski been used before?

A: Possibly. However, all Demo skis are quality inspected before and after each Demo so you'll know you're on a top quality ski!

Customer Acknowledgements

1. For Syndicate Skis: Customer acknowledges that HO will charge the customers card for $550.00 representing the $50 fee that is refundable upon purchase and the $500 demo deposit

2. For Superlite Skis: Customer acknowledges that HO will charge the customers card for $350.00 representing the $50 fee that is refundable upon purchase and the $300 demo deposit

3. For Hardshell Systems: Customer acknowledges that HO will charge the customer's card for $275.00 representing the $25 fee that is refundable upon purchase and the $250 demo deposit.