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Jon Travers


Jon Travers has a skiing style like none other. Born and raised in Florida, he developed his unique turn-and-burn style from years of experimenting with and against what was called a "correct slalom style." In amazement to critics, after signing with HO in early 2011, Travers catapulted himself to the top of the world by winning multiple events like the US Masters, Pan-Ams and tearing through records with his back-breaking turns and jaw-dropping slingshot cuts. When Travers skis, people line the shores and for good reason. Travers has put up scores into 43'off, one of only seven people to ever run the 41'off pass in a tournament and regularly pushes the limits of what is possible on a slalom ski. He's transformed himself from a young-gun to a seasoned veteran who is one of the deadliest competitors on the pro tour.



2011 US Masters Champion, 2011 Pan-American Championships, 2009 World U21 Championships

Silver Medals

2014 US Masters, 2012 PanAm Championships, 2007 World U21 Championships

Bronze Medals

2013 Orlando Extreme Watersports Festival, 2010 Ukraine Open, 2009 Princes Pro Am, 2008 H2Osmosis Pro Swerve