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Tony Klarich


Klarich broke on to the scene in 1985 with the world's first front flip on a slalom ski, the HO Turbo. He was prominently featured in HO's promotions for more than a decade as the world's best hot dog slalom skier, 3-time National overall kneeboard champion, and World wakeboard champion. He designed the HO Joker kneeboard in 1993, wrote and directed the popular how to wakeboard series "Hyperlite Boarding School" in 1997, and along the way wrote 250+ feature and instructional articles for watersports publications worldwide. His current project is the free eBook series "Adventures in Water Skiing (Hot Dogging, Kneeboarding & Hydrofoiling)." Always an innovator, "the guy who skis on anything' continues to expand the limits of what is possible behind the boat.