Located in Groveland, Florida, Jack Travers at Sunset Lakes aka "Jacks" is one of the top places in the world for all things waterskiing. Their legendary ski school ranges from beginner to world champion advanced with lessons from legendary coach Jack Travers & top Syndicate Pro Jon Travers in addition to their world class staff. Jacks is the home of prestigious record tournaments, prestigious events like the Masters LCQ and the Travers Grand-Prix pro-am event. Sunset Lakes has, for several years, hosted the HO Skis Shreducation week as well as several team photo and video shoots. It is a key testing center, where the HO/Syndicate R&D team tests and refines the next generation of ski equipment as an Official HO Skis test center. In addition, Jack's is an Official Demo center of Syndicate Skis, stocking a full fleet of the latest Syndicate Skis and boots for folks to try. To top things off, JT's Pro Shop is an Official HO/Syndicate dealer, stocking the full line of HO/Syndicate gear for sale.